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Women’s Jeans

Are you looking for on-trend women's jeans? The fashion house Claudie Pierlot designs garments with an unrivalled casual chic style. Take advantage of the diversity of our collection to wear jeans with style for any occasion!

Jeans, iconic trousers to wear all-year-round

Jeans (or denim jeans), are the most common women’s trousers worn by women, and certainly need no introduction. Initially worn by ranch hands (the famous cowboys) and workers, over the decades they’ve become an essential fashion item in any women’s wardrobe. Their advantages? Jeans are comfy, hard-wearing, and enhance the woman who wears them beautifully, giving her outfit a unique sexy touch.

Bearing these qualities in mind, our designers wanted to keep the well-known features jeans, but rework with them with our brand’s know-how. And they succeeded! Claudie Pierlot jeans enhance your outfits whatever your style, sporting lines that are both on-trend and timeless, worthy of our most famous creations. Are you looking for beautiful jeans to wear in winter? Treat yourself to our cropped washed jeans, which you can team with a lovely pair of heeled ankle boots and a colourful jumper, for example – choose from elegant skinny black jeans, or high-waisted pencil jeans that will complete a casual outfit perfectly.

Are you looking for lighter clothes for summer or the arrival of spring? Then opt for by superb blue jeans (different cuts are available with our collection), our white jeans (some of which are made in organic cotton) with classic straight lines, or our white jeans with stitched black embroidery seams. For a fresh original look, check out our purple high-waisted jeans fastened with two buttons. Claudie Pierlot women's jeans are available for purchase at our secure online shop. Order your items and receive them free at home or collect them from a store!