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Women's White T-shirts

Claudie Pierlot has creatively reworked the white T-shirt to make it THE women's wardrobe staple. Check out our selection of women's T-shirts for a style that will enhance your look whatever the occasion!

The white T-shirt, a woman's BFF whatever the circumstances

For a long time, the white T-shirt was a garment worn exclusively by men. It was originally sported by US Navy personnel before Marlon Brando brought it to the big screen, meaning that during the 50's it became a men's ready-to-wear favourite.

In the 1960s, the white T-shirt managed to win over women’s wardrobe, who loved its many advantages: comfy and easy-to-wear, the white T-shirt suits all styles and body shapes. You can't go wrong when you wear a white T-shirt. You can effortlessly use it to round off ultra-feminine outfits or pair it with fashion accessories (jewellery, shoes, big bows, turbans or hair scarves) for a fuss-free yet elegant look.

With the Claudie Pierlot collection, you'll find models that you won't find anywhere else. Treat yourself to their elegant, minimalist lines! Women who want to pair a white T-shirt with classic blue jeans will particularly love our basic crew neck T-shirt, our white printed organic cotton T-shirt or, for a more original and quirky style, our white XL neck T-shirt trimmed with broderie Anglaise. Looking for something a bit more glam? Shop our white shirt-style T-shirt, our white fitted top made from a fine-gauge ribbed fabric or opt for the Claudie Pierlot diamanté T-shirt.

Whatever the model, our women's white T-shirts are perfect to tone down louder pieces (for example ripped jeans, animal or ethnic prints), adapt an outfit to everyday life, or add a modern twist to more conventional or staid ready-to-wear garments (such as a pencil skirt or a suit).