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29 April

29 me's of the month T-shirt - 04.29.24.

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Every day has its own special something.

Some of the longer days of the month have a nasty habit of all looking the same. Fortunately, it's up to you to make sure that the 29th - our eponymous designer's birthday - is a day to remember. To make it a day for you, to laugh a little louder than usual, and finally, enjoy a day that is all about you.

Like a surprise somersault in your calendar, Claudie Pierlot invites you today to celebrate the "29 du moi(s)" (the 29th me's of the month).
Every 29th of the month will mark the release of an exclusive Claudie Pierlot T-shirt, limited to fifty copies of each design.
Surprising T-shirts, often with unexpected designs, designed to be both treasured and collected.

Once a week would be too much, once a year not enough. But one day a month... That's pretty reasonable, isn't it?

What are you going to do with your 29?

29 May

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T-Shirt Claudie 29

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